Monday, April 14, 2014

about side chics

so there i was listening to my soulful R&B Medley and Xscape's my little secret, Changing Faces' that other woman played back to back and it got me putting on my Steve Harvey cap. these are basically side chic songs and they reflect 2 types of side chics that are common across the globe.


This is the Changing Faces' can't be that other woman type of side chic. This side chic wants to be the main actress not the supporting actress . She is not content having left-overs cuz she tired of being a booty call and a go to girl when a brother needs some. She won't settle for less than the main boo role and she has ambitions to be the wifey and home maker not the after thought. This is the side chic who will give you conditions and ultimatums such as 'leave her or we are done'. Now the assertive side chic is a go getter and wants the whole 9 yards. She has pride in abundance and is prepared to walk away when a brother ain't living up to her expectations. She the type who ain't in it for the physical but she wants the emotional and total commitment. She tired of fooling around cuz she want meaning to her life and believes she deserves more than just the holidays, apartment and gifts. Basically she ain't wanna play your relief aid she wants it all. She is thoughtful and considerate as she don't wanna be a home-wrecker hence the two women can't share one man assertion. The bottom line she is a side chic still as long as she be messing around with another woman's man.


This is that Xscape type of side chic who is content being somebody's booty call for life. She don't care about the future she is in it for the now and the benefits that comes with it. She don't mind being a weekend thang or  a call girl cuz she just loves the idea of having a man and enjoys the games. She the Camilla Parker Bowles to Prince Charles when he was still married to Princess Diana. She is hopeless and ain't about the emotions, she does her thing and goes just like that, no strings attached. This type of side chic is a home-wrecker and she might even call a brother home when he with his family. She knows he ain't going to leave his wife and family for her so she plays her position.


Why be a side chic in the first place ladies?  Find your own man and stop destroying marriages, homes,families and relationships. Whether you are type A or type B it's all the same you are a side chic and that man don't love you he just using you for his own selfish ends. Woman up and have high  self-esteem. Respect yourself ladies.